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Moji Bagheri, DMD

Founder of Apex Endodontic Solutions

I have been practicing dentistry for a decade. Ever since graduating and from my early days as a practicing general dentist in NYC, I always strived to find ways to better my practice and improve my skills by using the right instruments and technology. This trend of out-of-the-box thinking continued all throughout my specialty training  and made me more eager to overcome routine obstacles with innovations and new ways that were unique, yet kept the integrity and quality of the procedures to the highest standards. From that thought process came the creation of Apex Endodontic Solutions, and AccuFile ™ as its first product.  we continuously try to innovate or improve current tools and endodontic armamentarium and make it better, more efficient and more precise. Because after all, endodontics is all about precision! 

Thank you for taking the time and visiting the site.


Apex Endodontic Solutions was founded to bring new and innovative ideas that solve everyday problems for practitioners by using new technologies and with the help of a team of creative experts. 

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